The Viashi Card Deck


For 2-4 players
This game is really still a work in progress, suggestions for improvements gratefully accepted. We don't work on it often, because finding a flat space in our house with room to lay out 25 oversized cards isn't exactly easy. Hopefully we'll get a smaller deck printed off eventually, and will get back to work on refining this one.

This game requires some kind of marker to indicate each player's position.

The cards are shuffled and then the top twenty-five cards are laid out in a five by five grid. The grid is either aligned to the compass points, or best guess directions are assigned to each side of the grid, N,E,S,W. If any of the corner cards are flame cards, those cards are swapped for another card, and the flame cards are reshuffled into the deck. Each player's marker is placed on the rightmost card of the row of cards closest to them. To win the game a player's marker must reach the leftmost card of the row furthest from then before the other players markers do.

Each player is dealt four cards.

On a players turn, he draws a card, he must then remove any card from the playing field that does not have a marker on it, putting it in the discard pile and replacing it with one from his hand. Next the player may move his marker up to three cards, as long as he does not land off the five by five grid. If a marker moves to a spot that leads off the edge of the grid, he must return to his starting corner and his turn ends. Markers may not land on flame cards, if a marker lands on a card that leads to a flame card, his turn ends.

Movement is as follows:
  • A marker sitting on a wind card (white) may only move to the card to the North.
  • A marker sitting on a leaf card (green) may only move to the card to the South.
  • A marker sitting on a rock card (purple) may only move to the card to the East.
  • A marker sitting on a wave card (blue) may only move to the card to the West.
  • A marker sitting on a god card can move one card North, South, East or West.
  • Markers may not land on flame cards. If somehow a marker ends up on a flame card the marker should be moved to its starting corner. If the starting corner is a flame card, that card should be discarded and a new card randomly drawn from the top of the discard deck.
Sayings from Racciman's World
'Skill recognizes skill, and no trickery can hide its lack'
-- Prince Asond
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