The Viashi Card Deck


This is a fairly basic trick taking game for 3-5 players.
This game was designed by my son Ben, and has proved to be one of the two most popular games that have been invented for the Viashi deck, the other is Loot. Loot is less intelligent and more silly than Crusade.

The cards are shuffled and dealt to all players. Extra cards are removed from play without being looked at.

Each player picks a card to use as the trump bid. This card cannot be a god card. The trump bids are played to the table face-down, and then when each player has played, they are turned over. The suit of the lowest numbered card becomes trump, unless that card is a Queen (1) card, and there is a Fool (9) card showing, in which case the Fool's suit becomes trump. If there is a tie, the player holding the god card that is the same number as the disputing cards may reveal that card and pick which of the two suits becomes trump. If the god card is not revealed the game is played without a trump suit.

The trump bids are set to one side, with the winning card on top.

Play starts with the player winning the trump bid and proceeds around the table. Players must follow suit if they can. The card with the lowest number takes the trick, unless that card is a Queen (1), and a Fool (9) was played. If a player cannot follow suit, they may 'sluff' a card of some other suit which cannot take the trick, or they may play a trump. Cards of the trump suit will take the trick , unless a lower numbered trump was played, a Fool of trump was played on the Queen of trump, or the lead suit was god cards. God cards are immune to trump.

Sayings from Racciman's World
'Skill recognizes skill, and no trickery can hide its lack'
-- Prince Asond
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