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Lavender Shelby

While growing up, L. Shelby spent at least part of each of her summers backpacking in the Canadian Rockies. She's gone swimming in glacier fed lakes, improvised melodies on a musical comb while seated on the top of a mountain, and been caught in a snowstorm on the first day of August. When forced back to civilization she would split her time between being a quiet bookworm fascinated with computers and science, and an exuberant performer, active in the drama club, two choirs, and the high-school art department. Her first story sale was a fictionalized account of one of her experiences rock-climbing, and her published works since then have ranged from being about quirky small town characters, to murder and mystery on a frozen alien world.

She currently lives in an untidy house filled with children, books and computers, and although she thinks that environment is in many ways ideal, she still escapes to the great outdoors whenever possible.

L. Shelby Bibliography

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    Maintaining the social status of a penniless family is a challenge even for a man of Kide's wit and elan. Marrying the emperor's very lovely daughter seems the ideal solution -- but the princess is bound by a secret spell, and any who get close to her fall prey to its magic.
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  • Cliff-hanger - A Short Story (900 words)
    There's no way up, and no way down.
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Quote from Velvet Lies
'Obviously I can have no difficulty understanding you, but would you mind explaining anyway?'
-- Isde Cinasor
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