Why I got Kicked Out of Fantasy Hero School

Racciman's World, the setting for several of my stories, has all the trappings of a standard heroic fantasy. Yet somehow I seem to gotten everything subtley but distinctly wrong: my trolls are clever, my halflings are famous bankers, my dragons have a tendency to gamble away their gold instead of hoarding it, and my unicorns have a problem with youth gangs.

Take this quiz to discover the fatal flaw in your innate fantasy type

What gender would you like to use?

Where would you rather live?
Underground    Wide Open Spaces    Gentle Rolling Hills
Mountain Slopes    Don't Care

Which of these do you do most often for fun?
Play Games    Make Hand Crafted Items    Listen to Music
Discuss and Debate    Laze Around

Which one of these would you consider most valuable?
The Natural World    One's Family and Friends    Being Comfortable
Being Honorable    Technological Progress

Which of these do you think you are best at?
Fighting    Perserverence    Encouraging
Providing    Terrorizing

Which of these would you rather be seen as?
Swashbuckling and Bold   Steadfast and Dependable    Mysterious
Tough as Nails    Entertaining and Genial

If you lived on Racciman's World, you would be a...

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