The Borgim Empire

The courtiers at the Coral Palace are very interested in astrology, and create elaborate horoscopes based on a 'zodiac' of constellations, and the positions of the sun and the four moons.

Ialfan Zodiac

Name Image Trait Realm Influence Notes
Dlikhdor Antelope Speed Youth Devotion purple
Foucosor Hunter/Warrior Enterprise Difficulties Progress pink
Tjucdwm Fish Trap/Net Independence Entanglements Freedom orange
Djukhljur Leopard/Tiger Agility Enemies Danger crimson
Celcobjudhacor Monkey Cleverness Information Discovery green
Gheswma Tortoise Patience Memory Reminder blue
Cimdhilor Beetle Virtue Luck Coincidence white/black
Ovjur Snake Deception Puzzles Mistake green
Cilcjumor Lobster/Crab Persistence Mundane Stasis pink
Dimlor Bull Skill Wealth Gain gold
Coghsair Snail Slowness Age Leadership purple
Clidal Cauldron/Bowl Greed Shortages Decrease brown
Esevir Elephant Activity Power Accomplishment blue
Virjimor Cock/Pheasant Virility Masculinity Decision scarlet
Cader Sea Beast/Whale Mystery Unknown Surprise Turquoise
Nulnax Ants Cooperation Community Support orange
Ilcdor Bear Strength Friendship Safety crimson
Cinasor Giraffe/Camel Observation Goals Arrivals yellow
Khewlkhor Farmer/Harvester Resourcefulness Supplies Increase brown
Cucmori Swimming Bird/Swan Beauty Femininity Change scarlet
Civa Ship Restlessness Impulse Departure yellow
Miudar Fisherman/Voyager Risk Poverty Loss gold
Brjuddica Talking Bird/Parrot Garrulousness Communication News turquoise

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Sayings from Ialfa
'A handsome pot is one what holds water.'
-- A Borgim Proverb
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