Stories Already Written

Cantata in Coral and Ivory

A 'Coral Palace' Novel

Ikhsior is a man of action. But picking up your opponents and dangling them a foot above the floor just isn't as effective as it ought to be when it comes to dealing with court intrigue, romantic entanglements, and high fashion.

127000 words

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Pavane in Pearl and Emerald

A 'Coral Palace' Novel

Maintaining the social status of a penniless family is a challenge even for a man of Kide's wit and elan. Marrying the emperor's very lovely daughter seems the ideal solution -- but the princess is bound by a secret spell, and any who get close to her fall prey to its magic.

113000 words

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Velvet Lies

A 'Coral Palace' Novella

Murder is deadly, but in the Coral Palace the ultimate crime is telling the truth.

25000 words

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Stories Planned for Later


  • Lioness - A 'Tolsequo' Novel (160000 words)

Hexblurb for Velvet Lies
Courtious liars forthrightly frustrate murder investigation.
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