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Today's Horoscope

The state of the skies on this day (day 97 of year 2988), as the sun wanes, is as follows:

Asoer, Lord of Heaven, resides in the House of the Monkey, so the realm of Information is in ascendence. Now is the time to attempt tasks that involve cleverness. Be certain to pay attention to new discoveries and knowledge, for these are an advantageous influence while the Monkey rules the skies.

Nadal, the mother moon, waxing crescent, resides in the House of the Lobster. Tasks that require persistance, will have hidden difficulties and should be approached with caution, and words of caution, and preparation, may not be as fortuitous as they seem.

Munva, the moon bride, in concealment, resides in the House of the Monkey. The realm of Information rules your love and family life right now, but it is difficult and tyrannical master. Guard against new discoveries and knowledge, for these will have a negative influence on your relationships right now.

Bildhomor, the moon child, waning half, resides in the House of the Parrot. Consider carefully before attending activities or events involving speaking to people, or explaining things, for although some will delight, others will do nothing but annoy.

The sun child Ikhsior resides in the House of the Pheasant. This means the realm of Masculinity currently dominates your life's direction. Watch for the influences of opportunities to make decisions, these may be particularly beneficial to your future while Ikhsior resides in the house of the Pheasant.

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