The Borgim Empire

In Pavane in Pearl and Emerald the court also sends messages using a 'language of flowers'. Each possible color of flower has multiple meanings, and with color combination and a few other simple rules a variety of messages can be sent.

Flower Color Meanings

Color Quality Common Uses Notes
Crimson Peril To warn or complain of Danger, To admire someone's Courage, Agility or Strength, To declare confidence, To express a hope of recovery from an illness or injury Agility, Strength, Enemies, Friendship, Danger, Safety
Scarlet Passion To express Love or Heartbreak, To admire a female's Beauty or a man's Virility, To insist on decision being made, To mark a change in attitude Virility, Beauty, Masculinity, Feminity, Decision, Change
Pink Progress To declare interest in continuing something, To express a desire to move forward,To indicate a determination to overcome difficulties, To complain that no progress has been made, To admire someone's Enterprise Enterprise, Persistance, Difficulties, Mundane, Progress, Stasis
Orange Relationships To show Support, To express gratitude, To declare the intention of remaining friends, To celebrate the end of an unpleasant situation Independance, Cooperation, Entanglements, Community, Freedom, Support
Gold Possession To admire someone's Skill, To request a gift, To declare oneself willing to take a Risk, To say 'I am yours' Skill, Risk, Wealth, Poverty, Gain, Loss
Brown Abundance To admire someone's generosity, To express a willingness to do a favor, To intensify another message Greed, Resourcefulness, Shortages, Supplies, Decrease, Increase
Yellow Intentions To admire someon's Observation or foresight, To request someone declare their Intentions, To announce an Arrival, To say goodbye Observation, Restlessness, Goals, Impulse, Arrivals, Departure
Green Concealment To admire someone's Cleverness, To apologize, To admit to a Mistake, To declare that one has been lied to, To celebrate a Discovery Cleverness, Deception, Information, Puzzles, Discovery, Mistake
Turquoise Communication To ask for clarification, To express Surprise, To express confusion or say 'I don't know', To admire someone's conversation or speach Mystery, Garrulousness, Unknown, Communication, Surprise, News
Blue Faithfulness To remind someone of something, To express constant devotion, To amire someone's Accomplishments, To express submission, To ask a favor of someone Patience, Activity, Memory, Power, Reminder, Accomplishment
Purple Order To accept leadership or advice, To say 'Let's do it your way', To celebrate a birth or marriage, To say 'hurry up' (in combination with pink), To say 'take your time' (in combination with blue), To indicate an alliegence Speed, Slowness, Youth, Age, Devotion, Leadership
White Positive To say 'yes', To wish someone good luck, To represent innocence, To mourn a death. It is used in combination with other colors to indicate the more positive of two potential meanings. Luck, Positive, Good
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