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Characters of Racciman's World

Kharangh 92Dragon -  Historical Figure.
Dwarrogen 874Dragon -  Historical Figure.
Mungo Cleverfingers 1051Falran -  Historical Figure.
Tedjo Rymint 2962Falran - AccountantFrom Song of Asolde
Lady Vamesse UnknownGod - The Lady of LightHistorical Figure.
Lord Jecca UnknownGod - The Dark LordHistorical Figure.
Lord Boatt UnknownGod - The BuilderHistorical Figure.
Lady Gensen UnknownGod - The ThiefHistorical Figure.
Lady Cottamul UnknownGod - The ProtectressHistorical Figure.
Lady Stencalla UnknownGod - The SeductressHistorical Figure.
Lord Kettel UnknownGod - The MinionHistorical Figure.
Lord Kami UnknownGod - The FriendHistorical Figure.
Racciman UnknownGod - The ChanglingHistorical Figure.
Teneve UnknownHuman - GuardsmanFrom None
Chenbe UnknownHuman - SeneschalFrom None
Darrond 2637Human - ChampionFrom Song of Asolde
Crumm 2937Human - WizardFrom Song of Asolde
Captain Disar 2965Human - CaptainFrom Song of Asolde
Lord Keymas 2974Human - Ruling PrinceFrom Song of Asolde
Tomah 2977Human - RightmanFrom Song of Asolde
Prince Asond 2981Human - Heir to Agolith
Samanth 2984Human -  
Little Ricco 2994Human -  From Song of Asolde
Lord Bectus 3230Human - BardFrom Valley of the Morning
Pier 3251Human - CourierFrom Valley of the Morning
Prince Morey Bastien Iercé 3257Human -  From Valley of the Morning
Riall 3262Human - WizardFrom Valley of the Morning
Allma 3263Human - BardFrom Valley of the Morning
King Tymollim 2051Khatrreth - Ruler of the City of Silver SnowsFrom Song of Asolde
Prince Akhalarrin 2860Khatrreth - PrinceFrom Song of Asolde
Alïfieth 3202Khatrreth -  From Valley of the Morning
Zixsplit 2998Pixie -  From Song of Asolde


Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'A very light, chamber-like piece, mostly strings and the woodwind section.'
-- A Critter
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