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L. Shelby - Racciman's World - Timeline

Timeline of Racciman's World

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0Races given language and fire - Racciman's World
293Human and Goblin expansions meet - Racciman's World
338Atisva founded - Atisva
361Revenhew founded - Revenhew
372Atisva becomes trade center, hub for expansion - Atisva
395Niontes founded - Niontes
-Human and Hob expansions meet - Racciman's World
404Trade center moves to Revenhew - Revenhew
418Goblins and Hobs meet, beginning of Hob integration - Racciman's World
429Atisva becomes center of Human culture - Atisva
430Halfmen meet Giants - Racciman's World
454Human expansion meets Elves - Singing Hills
476Moseth founded - Moseth
513Hobs meet Dwarves - South Mountains
522Dwarves declare war on Hobs - South Mountains
531Halfman expansion meets Dwarves - South Mountains
559Carthart founded - Carthart
587Halfmen meet Hobs - Racciman's World
592Humans meet Halfmen - Racciman's World
701First War of the Weapons of Power begins - Racciman's World
705Tenpeic constructed - Racciman's World
707Hobs gain access to interior of South Mountains - South Mountains
711Nethalia founded - Nethalia
713Goblin Territory almost completely overrun - Ekervin Badlands
714Humans start withdrawng from North Mountains - North Mountains
715Atisva become the major traffic center of the war effort - Atisva
720Southmost Giants go to North Mountains to help - North Mountains
726Karemore founded - Karemore
733Giants bring Sword to Birthplace of Man - Birthplace of Man
742Halfman exodus to North Mountain foothills - Racciman's World
758Humans successful in dividing Hobs - Racciman's World
769First War of the Weapons of Power Ends - Racciman's World
781Atisva deposes the City Commander, votes in Council - Atisva
785Freed Goblins unite with Hobs, End of seperate Goblin society. - Ekervin Badlands
787Atisva City Council revives old reputation as patron of the Arts - Atisva
853Start of the North Kingdoms - Kingdoms of the North
883Hobs reach north side of North Mountains - North Mountains
1000First flight of the Phoenix - Racciman's World
1001Century Tree discovered - Inner Islands
1006Dragons discovered by Tidys Mariner - Dragon Sea
1010Halfmen decide to settle Unicorn Valley - Unicorn Valley
1021Klessar the Crazy maps world with Dwarrogen - Racciman's World
1189First Dragon War begins - Inner Islands
1194Islander refugees begin filling Atisva - Atisva
1195Islanders evacuate. First Dragon War ends. - Inner Islands
1220Islander arts and religion become predominant in Atisva - Atisva
1232Second Dragon War begins - Kingdoms of the North
1264Landing at Dragon's Point - Kingdoms of the North
1285Dragons routed from Dragon's Point - Kingdoms of the North
1287Dragons retreat, Second Dragon War ends. - Kingdoms of the North
1372Atisva stats trafficking in Goblin slaves - Atisva
1393Third Dragon War begins - Racciman's World
1418Third Dragon War ends - Racciman's World
1467Islanders return to Islands - Racciman's World
1469Fourth Dragon War Begins - Racciman's World
1497Cathart Burned - Racciman's World
1530Fourth Dragon War ends - Racciman's World
1604Fifth Dragon War begins - Racciman's World
1611Fifth Dragon War ends - Racciman's World
1613Sixth Dragon War begins - Racciman's World
1615Sixth Dragon War ends - Racciman's World
1626Integration of Races effected - Racciman's World
1662Velseer Conquers Niontes - Niontes
1713Church of the Dragon founded - Vache Rock
1719Church of the Dragon sacks Revenhew - Revenhew
1728Church of the Dragon sacks Atisva - Atisva
1731Church of the destroyed by an earthquate - Atisva
1735Atisva City Council reelected - Atisva
1760Atisva Council declares freedom of worship - Atisva
1800Knights of the Lady pilgrimage to the Century Tree - Racciman's World
1801Knights of the Lady start First Crusade - Racciman's World
-Islander refufees return to Atisva - Atisva
1805Islanders converted to worship of The Lady - Racciman's World
1821Knights of the Lady begin Second Crusade - Racciman's World
1822New Church of the Dragon founded - Racciman's World
1824New Church of the Dragon leaders petition the dragons to destory the Knights of the Lady - Dragons Point
-New Church of the Dragon leaders destroyed in a rain of fire from the heavens - Dragons Point
1827Giants politely suggest Knights go home - Racciman's World
1845Knights of the Lady begin Third Crusade - Racciman's World
1852Knights of the Lady sack Moseth - Moseth
-Atisva filled with refugees from Revenhew, and Moseth - Atisva
1864Knights of the Lady sack Revenhew - Revenhew
1880Knights of the Lady chased out of Revenhew - Revenhew
1940Next Church of the Dragon marches on Knights of the Lady - Racciman's World
1955Next Church of the Dragon defeats Knights at Moseth - Moseth
1956Next Church of the Dragon leaders carried off in a Tornado - Racciman's World
1969Knights of the Lady begin Fourth Crusade - Racciman's World
1977Knights of the Lady annex Nethalia - Nethalia
1981Knights of the Lady sack Moseth - Moseth
1985Atisva sends delegation to Revenhew to help fight Knights of the Lady - Racciman's World
-Knights of the Lady defeated at Revenhew - Revenhew
2000Second flight of the Phoenix - Racciman's World
2053Non-innate Magic is invented/discovered - Racciman's World
2119Schools of Magic defined/formalized - Racciman's World
2173School of Sorcery founded in Niontest - Niontes
2225Magical portion of gravity determined - Racciman's World
2268Second War of the Weapons of Power begins - Racciman's World
2272First City Floated - Racciman's World
2301Gods Intervene - Racciman's World
2302Religion abounds - Racciman's World
2349Restored Chuch of the Dragon begins Crusade - Racciman's World
2354Restored Church of the Dragon sacks Atisva - Racciman's World
2355Restored Church of the Dragon leaders die of Plague - Atisva
2356Atisva devastated by 1st wave of Plague - Atisva
2358Revenhew devestated by 1st wave of Plage - Revenhew
2434Prince of Aberife immortalized - Kingdoms of the South
2536Plague ends - Racciman's World
2658110Darrond of Carthart visits the Snow Elves and meets Mesolanthë. - Bhyzholiflorïnthum
2660Darrond of Carthart enters Dragon Mountain - Racciman's World
2869Bands of Hob raiders seen in foothills - Racciman's World
2987Renewed Church of the Dragon formed - Racciman's World
2991Renewed Church of the Dragon leaders killed by Kharangh - Desert of the Dawn
2997Third War of the Weapons of Power begins - Racciman's World
2998Tenpeic falls to the Hobs - Racciman's World
30001Third flight of the Phoenix - Racciman's World
3006The Third War of the Weapons of Power ends - Racciman's World
3009Tenpeic rebuilt - Gidomi
3092Revived Church of the Dragon established - Racciman's World
3107Revived Chuch of the Dragon leaders drown - Racciman's World
3269Hob raiders seen in the foothills - Racciman's World
3275Establishment of the Church of the Elder - Unicorn Valley

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