A Writer's Sketchbook - Pencil

More Than I Trust Myself


In high school I did much better in my 3D art classes than my 2D art class. I loved sculpting and constructing, but the materials were expensive and they always seemed to make a mess, and the results could not be stored in my binders or notes.

Racciman's World Original


Without a proper digital tablet and pen, I found computer paint programs awkward and the results painfully simplistic. Until I entered the realm of 3D software, I relied on the primitive (and affordable!) pencils and pen.

Girl with Go Board



Prali Changra


Riddle, Rhyme and Masquerade

Sketch - Pencil 1989

From story of the same name from my Juvenalia

Quote from Sails of Everwind
'Sentients that arenít sure they ever existed have trouble remaining on the steady side of sane'
-- about the Cultivators Terrence Wysorickovitz
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