Verdaia's Story Quotes

“...all the rest of that is just more moon-eyed nonsense. Dreaming about ribbons and green tulle and a lace veil. That only lasts for one day. Then you wrap it up in white paper, and you put it in a box in the attic, and it does you no good whatsoever for the rest of your life. Who you get married to is the thing that's important, not how fancy the party was.” —Batiya Latikov in Serendipity's Tide

“Could we go back to calling me a radish?” —Batiya, to the gangsters who captured her in Serendipity's Tide

“But they did not think much of such oaths, here, I had discovered. They thought that if a man's honor was insufficient to hold to a plain and simple word, then his oaths were probably as fragile as glass.” —Chunru about Batiya's people in Treachery's Harbor

“A widow with money is always more beautiful than a wife with the same face.” —Prince Harchung in Scent of Spring

“I didn't believe in a perfect future, I wanted a husband who could make the most of an imperfect one.” —Batiya Latikov in Serendipity's Tide

“You have cherry-wood hair and eyes like rain, and you think I am exotic?” —Chunru to Batiya in Serendipity's Tide

“The thought that he was insane dashed and dotted its way across my internal receiver.” —Batiya Latikov in Serendipity's Tide


Hexblurb for Serendipity’s Tide
Find castaway,
Perform rescue,
Become target

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