The Gods of Racciman's World

Once there was a mother god, and a father god, and they had nine children...

A lovely young woman floats against a sunrise, graceful and serene, her blond hair flowing back over her shoulders.

Vamesse was caring, intelligent and good, any parent's pride and delight.

A young man with dark hair grimaces admist a tumble of rocks.  He appears to be standing on glowing hot coals.

Jecca was almost as intelligent, but not nearly as caring. Knowing he couldn't rival his sister's goodness, he rebelliously flaunted his darker side.

A young man stares enraptured by some inward panorama.  He reaches forward into the future.

Boatt was a craftsman and inventor, more comfortable with the inanimate than with the souled, he excelled in the sciences and in magical construction.

Dressed all in black a thin young woman leans casually against a wall, swinging a gold necklace around one finger.

Gensen was quick fingered and impatient, and perhaps a bit overfond of excitement and adventure.

Armed with spear and shield a young warrior woman stands in the midsts of verdant fields.

Cottamul had a strong sense of justice, and was the fierce protector of her younger siblings.

Stencalla was controlling and materialistic, jealous of her older siblings, and desperately eager to grow into her full powers.

Resting on the steps of a dias a young lad with a detached gaze watches those who approach the throne

Kettel was Jecca's staunch supporter, fascinated by the dark and macabre. He was somewhat lacking in imagination, but had a great deal of staying power and a good head for details.

Marching briskly the woods, unsheathed sword balanced carefully on his shoulder, is a boy with a bright smile.

Kami was bright, friendly and eager to help.

The youngest god, racciman, floats before a sea of stars, in a skintight suit of brightly colored patchwork.  there is a gleam in her eye, and she has clearly come up with yet another idea to try out on her unsuspecting subjects.

And Racciman was curious, clever and creative -- you never knew what she would be up to next, you could only be certain that it would cause trouble.

And the parents decided that it would be a good learning experience for them to create a world...


Quote from Talking With Winds
'I like to vary my character faults in an attempt to make up for the fact that I have no virtues.'
-- Prince Asond
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