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Dark Moon Light News

Writing Update

No, I don't feel well enough to write yet, but I figured that didn't need to stop me from getting other writing related type tasks done. I mean, if I am well enough to work for my Dad, I must be well enough to work for *myself*, right?

So I have submitted “Dark Moon Light” to Baen's “Universe Slush” where it is getting trashed by the barflies.

And I have updated my writing website, most particularly the Stories page where I have put up teasers for:
Harp & Gyre
Cantata in Coral and Ivory
Dark Moon Light

(And I put up a verson of Great Great Grampa and the Chinook on the website itself so that you no longer have to link over to Renderosity to read it, and so I could actually do some line edits to it.)

I also changed my projected writing schedule dates to reflect my current situation. (Booo! Hisss!)

Home again, Home again…

Dark Moon Light came back. *Lovely* rejection letter: It said my story made it right up to the final round, listed the things that swayed the final decision in the other guy's favor so I can improve it, declared “you have a real flare for action and character, a rare combination”, and added that I was to please submit again and send it to the editor personally, not to the regular slush.

If I wrote more shorts it would be nicer. Lovely rejection letters still aren't sales. I can't use them as publication credits, and they won't help get my novels looked at.

Okay now I'm depressed. (I was already trying to deal with all my usual angst and the fact that the brother of one of our friends committed suicide yesterday.) Would putting some of these “lovely” comments I get from critters and editors up on a “blurb” page on my website be too tacky for words?


I sent “Dark Moon Light” back to the editor who has seen it three times before already. (No, not bunch of tweaks called for, just one straightforward re-submission with permission after revisions, and a bit of a comedy of errors in the loosing of manuscripts department.)

I critted some stuff.
I did some research into markets, but need to do more.

Nobody at Chymera has gotten back to me on “Princess of Waves” yet. 🙁

Author's Note on Racciman's World

I'm going to blame it all on a guy named Tracy Hickman. He was at my first ever science fiction convention, and he did a panel on worldbuilding. I was a dedicated worldbuilder already, but my worlds had always been built alongside of the story that I was telling in them. Before Tracy explained how he approached worldbuilding, it had never occurd to me to build the world first, and find stories to tell in it afterward. So I thought I'd give it a try.

But what to base the world on? Well, they say 'write what you know', and as one of eight siblings, (and later the mother of six,) one of the things I knew was large family dynamics. So I decided to base a fantasy world on that. What would happen, I asked myself, if the gods of a fantasy world, were actually children? A family of children, with all their squabbles and shifting alliegences reflected in the world they created?

Quote from Talking With Winds
'Now you have conflicting orders -- an interesting dilemma for you. Why you might even have to think.'
-- Prince Asond
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