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And these are the people running this place?

2 Dicing With Flames News

Maybe they have a bad case of elves.

And behold at the week's commence I did send out a query requesting information about the submission that has languished now at the same house for nigh on these two years.

And this very day did I receive an most courteous answer…

And the answer was neither yes,
nor no.

It is, I am informed, still “on the list”.

And I, not having devised any schemes or actions to take in such a case,
intend to do nothing.

I am, after all, busy writing the next… er, fourth book.

(Poor, Asond! He so hates to be wrong, and I have been putting him in situations where there isn't a right answer. I suspect he will have something pithy and very annoyed to say on the subject tomorrow.)

Because it was kind of neat…

Today's wordcount: 29600

No, I did not round it off. 🙂

Edit: Apparently I need to clarify…
That's a total words in book wordcount.
The number of words written that day was only a thousand and some, as usual.

I just thought it was neat… er, tidy. Stopping on an even hundred like that. My wordprocessor doesn't keep a running count (I wouldn't want it to if it could, I'd find it too distracting), and I had no idea what number I had gotten to until after I stopped and told it to add 'em all up.

Just the joy of creation never seems enough

Chapter eight of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory ends by asking you to write three short tunes to certain specifications. ( I cheated a little on the third one. I *could* have notated it in 4/4 time like it asked, but it was so much easier notate in 12/8.)

And now I have these three tunes, see, and I find myself wondering … 'So what am I going to do with them?'
Could someone please convince me that I don't actually have to do anything with them at all?

They are nagging at me now. The first one wants another eight measures, the second one is interested in being expanded also, if I would be so kind, and they all want lyrics so that I might possibly end up singing them somewhere or something. Arrg!

In other news, I've got about 25K words of the second Asolde book, and I did two more Black Flag pages, but my father just asked me to take on a large project for him.


Haven't been reading usenet…
Haven't been reading my livejournal friendslist…
Have a nasty head cold.

So of course I have a convention coming up this weekend.

I so don't feel ready for even socializing, let alone this networking thingy I'm supposed to be trying to do.
I'm going to go anyway, of course.

And on the plus side, I did get three good writing days in (book is now over 5000 words long), so maybe my mental condition is improving :crosses fingers:

And I have done a lot of stuff on Black Flag, even though none of it is actual pages. (I was a hairsbreadth from getting back to doing pages — got the space armor working… Yay! — and my 3D modeling program decided to go all wonky. Grrr! So I've been building characters and continuing to work on the website while waiting for some tech support.)

Oh, and the Scent of Spring sketches continue to go well. I'm on chapter six or seven or something like that.

Author's Note on Racciman's World

I'm going to blame it all on a guy named Tracy Hickman. He was at my first ever science fiction convention, and he did a panel on worldbuilding. I was a dedicated worldbuilder already, but my worlds had always been built alongside of the story that I was telling in them. Before Tracy explained how he approached worldbuilding, it had never occurd to me to build the world first, and find stories to tell in it afterward. So I thought I'd give it a try.

But what to base the world on? Well, they say 'write what you know', and as one of eight siblings, (and later the mother of six,) one of the things I knew was large family dynamics. So I decided to base a fantasy world on that. What would happen, I asked myself, if the gods of a fantasy world, were actually children? A family of children, with all their squabbles and shifting alliegences reflected in the world they created?

Feedback on Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'...Gilbert and Sullivan with virtual music.'
-- Brian M. Scott
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