There are 19 Jewelwyrms for sale

Unknown Jewelwyrm - 75 Points

Sapphire Egg
Ruby Egg
Amethyst Egg
Amethyst Wyrm
Emerald Wyrm
Sapphire Wyrm
Onyx Wyrm
Emerald Wyrm
Sapphire Chrysalis
Sapphire Chrysalis
Sapphire Chrysalis
Crimson Claw
Ruby Female Flutterby
Blood Shimmer
Ruby Male Flutterby
Noir Skimmer
Onyx Female Flutterby
Chalky Aviator
Pearl Female Flutterby
Imperial Fang
Amethyst Female Fanwing
Golden Swift
Topaz Male Flutterby
Citrine Female Flutterby
Out of Unnamed-3199 by Unnamed-3336
Onyx Female Dragonfly
Out of Oblivion by Unnamed-3288
Feedback on Serendipity’s Tide
'These books were far, far too distracting for me and I have gotten nothing useful done for the past couple of days. Don’t start the first unless you have time to finish both it and the second.'
-- Rachel Neumeier
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