Ialfa's Home System

Ialfa System

Ialfa's home system has six known planets. Ialfa has four moons, (although two are quite small). The study of astrology is quite popular and there is a standard 'zodiac' of constellations and a mythology based on these heavenly inhabitants that seemly dates back into the mists of time to when all the people of the world were one, as there are strong similarities between names, roles and certain stories. The sun is a father/king figure, and the moons the mother/queen and her two daughters and one son -- the smallest and most distant moon, which does not have an apparent diameter when seen with the naked eye. The casting of horoscopes based on these mythologies is common in Borgim.

Moons of Ialfa

Name Color Distance Diameter Orbit(Year) Mass Density Visibility Notes
Bluish 5.8r 0.038 Luna 4 I-days 0.0000302 Luna 0.55 0.35 Luna bluish with white radiating splotches - not quite round
White 14.9r 0.36 Luna 9.24 I-days 0.042 Luna 0.91 1.3 Luna Rock Core, Icy Surface
Pink/Red 30.2r 0.34 Luna 21.6 I-days 0.030 Luna 0.76 0.4 Luna Cantaloupe-ish texture, pink-red streaked with black
White 56.4r 0.09 Luna 38.4 I-days 0.000379 Luna 0.52 0.085 Luna made mostly of ice, has a high albedo and looks primarily like an exceptionally bright star


Name Color Distance Diameter Orbit(Year) Rotation(Day) Mass Density Visibility Notes
White 0.5 AU 0.6 Earth 102 I-days
Redish 0.8 AU 1.5 Earth 219 I-days
Greenish 1.1 AU 0.6 Earth 349 I-days
'Ialfa' 1.5 AU 1.13 Earth 499.32 I-days (549.26 E-days) 26.4 Hours 1.28 Earth 0.88 Earth Almost no axial tilt. Seasons caused by eccentricity of orbit.
Yellow 5 AU 4.1 Earth 8 I-years 4 I-days
Blue 9.6 AU 10.3 Earth 19 I-years 126 I-days

Sayings from Ialfa
'A handsome pot is one what holds water.'
-- A Borgim Proverb
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