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L. Shelby - Cultivator Universe - Books

Stories Currently Available

Frozen Witness

A Short Story

If the girl is already dead, how is she leaving footprints?

5000 words


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Stories Planned for Later

    Ice Wolf Investigations

  • Eyes of Infistar - Book 1 of Ice Wolf Investigations (107500 words)
    Maybe Bambi shouldn't have offered to chase down a pair of jewel theives that landed in a technological protectrate. She, an honest law-abiding citizen, left her hi-tech toys behind. They didn't. Swords versus plasma guns -- looks like this is going to be one hot case.
  • Sails of Everwind - Book 2 of Ice Wolf Investigations (117000 words)
  • Feathered Friends - A Short Story
    Cross between Retief and Bertie Wooster, only with Hworill.
  • Into the Blue - A Novel

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Peluge’s Preposterous Adventures
-- See what Ice Wolf's blue furry investigator is up to today. Peluge's Preposterous Adventures
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