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GLA 'Celestial Class' Cruiser

Both the Jolly Roger and the Penzance are cruisers, stolen from the Galactic Legal Alliance Marines. They have nearly identical layouts, but the Captain's Ready Room on the Jolly Roger was converted into a cabin when Captain Stede became ill. They have a five generator two engine configuration, and are designed to hold a maximum crew of 200.

Although the cruisers lack the sleek outlines of the smaller destroyers, their extra living space makes them very popular with their crews.

A Deck is the 'Bridge'. This is not the vital center of operations you might expect, but simply a location conveniently provided with a great many screens and usually free of distractions making it an ideal place for comp and command staff to spend their on watch hours.
B Deck is the atrium balcony.
C Deck is the atrium.
D-J Decks are crew living space.
K Deck is the Mess Hall
L-M Decks being in the tight waist of the ship where the Fore Generator takes up nearly all the room, are simply passageways with a little bit of storage space tucked into them.
N Deck (double height) is 'Sick Bay'
O Deck (quadruple height) is the shuttle bays.
P Deck (double height) is storage
Q Deck is Housekeeping
R Deck is Systems Central
S-T Decks are Recycling, Life Support and Hydroponics
U-V Decks have the Overflow crew quarters, the Port and Starboard Combat Command centers, and the Gym.
W-Z Decks have engineering and the secondary shuttle bay. W deck is quadruple height, and Z is double.

Below is a scan of my rough sketches and notes on the deck distribution and layout of the GLA cruisers.


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