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These interviews have been extracted and condensed from the Character Chat thread from The Webcomic List forums.

Now, let me see, there appear to be a wide variety of questions people wish answered. I will start with my respected collegue, Captain Talon's...

What is your favorite form of entertainment?
My crew have invented a most charming ball game. It is based, I believe, on an earlier sport called basketball. It seems to have become considerably more violent in its transformation to our cramped facilities, but I suppose that is only what should be expected.

What is your current profession and what made you choose it?
I believe that it has already been made apparent that technically speaking, I am a pirate. As to why I chose it... for the adventure and the chance to fight against unrighteous tyranny, of course.

What do you find romantic?
I find the fact that you still apparently consider yourself under contract to a woman who has been dead for twenty years, romantic, Talon. Most delightfully romantic. But I worry that it isn't quite healthy. Are you quite sure that it is a good thing to bind yourself quite that closely to a cold and sterile past?

I suppose I should now answer a few other questions as well. Hmm...

If you were in a swimsuit competition where the loser is thrown into a volcano, what would you wear?
I would wear my space armor, of course. Which is just as well, I haven't set foot on a beach or in a waterpark for a very long time and I have no idea what the current fashion in swimwear looks like.

What has been your greatest triumph in battle?
I make no claim to any great tactical ability. I leave all the glories of battle to my more gifted collegues.

Do you like poetry? Do you have a fovourite poet?
I have been known to enjoy a bit of poetics, yes, but I fear I have no particular favorite. Perhaps if you were to introduce me to a few of your own favorites, I might find one that I felt I could set above all the others?

What do you think the world will be like in fifty years?
Continued prosperity and the greater spread of peace seem inevitable. They may not have reached this particular corner of the galaxy, but I like to think we freedom fighters are doing our little bit to accellerate the arrival of those happy days.

What quality or skill do you wish that you had?
I would that I had a bit more dash and flaire, I fear I feel rather colorless amoung my collegues, never having achieved any great 'kills' or large hauls. In fact my piratical enterprises have been sadly paltry.


-- Captain Jean Marquis
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