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Flag in Flames News

Five Years

For five years (and a couple months) I have been working on the “first draft” artwork for Brotherhood of the Black Flag, Volume One: Flag in Flames. Today I completed the last page.

I think I’m in shock. Five years. I’ve been working on this draft for five years. And it’s DONE!!! It’s done, done, done, done, DONE!!!! Yeeehaw!!!

Of course, I still have edits and betareaders comments and more edits. But I can wait to think about all that tomorrow. Today I’m going celebrate.

Bounce! Bounce!

I am totally squeeing over my last Black Flag render. But I’m not going to post any pics, because I’m past the climax and into the resolution, and everything’s a spoiler now. So, you’ll just have to take my word for how awesome it looks. And less than two chapters to go! Having the end so close is really exciting (to me, anyway).

Black Flag Update

Chapter 17 is done.

This is the chapter with the climactic fight between my two male leads. It involved me doing lots and lots of renders that were deemed not good enough, or not right, or not whatever. The one pictured above, made no sense. Which I knew when I did it, but I liked how it looked. So, instead of it going in the chapter, I’ll be adding it to the Black Flag Art Gallery, as soon as I’ve finished rewriting my website. (Sometime this year, I promise.)

And now I’m off to Marcon.

Dusty cats, or real work?

Started playing with a “document processor” called Lyx, in my free time, ended up importing and marking up The Raven and The Veil, and then while I was reading through I decided the ending wasn’t as strong as it could be, so I rewrote it. It is now 4000 words longer. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

The cover artwork for Dicing with Flames isn’t done yet. I’m having trouble with the rock textures… and since the scene I’m doing is underground, it’s almost all rock. I put a Black Flag page together today anyway.

Black Flag hits half-way.

My stats after doing the title page for chapter nine…

Characters – 53 / 62 Characters – 85% Done
Construction – 23 / 41 Constructions – 56% Done
Art – 84 / 220 Pages – 38% Done
Production Total – 50% Done

Estimated Completion Date: August 2nd, 2011


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