A Writer's Sketchbook - Landscapes and Spacescapes

Pirate Ship Revenge


Since one of my favorite thing to do as a writer is to create worlds, it probably isn't that surprising that one of the types of artwork I end up creating is pictures of those worlds. Many of these pictures end up being views from out in space. It's just about the only way to get the whole picture

Four Arm Spiral Galaxy


For space pictures particularly I like using 3D computer graphics. One of the neat things about creating a world as a three dimensional object is that you can then take a picture of it spinning about.

Verdaia World Rotation


It's pretty rare for me to do landscapes that are just landscapes. Usually if I'm going to put a lot of work into showing the sweeping sky and a the distant mountains, and so on, it's because I'm illustrating an actual scene from one of my stories. Not that I don't have a vast appreciation for the beauties of nature. But combining those great sweeping vistas with some actual action has always seemed like a better deal.

Ialfa from Space


Antelope at Sunset

Vista - 3D-CGI 2008

From the cover of Talking With Winds

Quote from Cantata in Coral and Ivory
'Silence is as much a part of music as is sound; it is the pattern of the two that creates rhythm.'
-- Nun'ghi
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