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Dicing With Flames


It must be inevitable for a love of story and a love of art to end up coming together in actual story art. First I just sketched scenes from within the books for my own amusement. Then I moved on to creating book covers so that I could produce 'pretty' copies of my books for my family to read.

Fullbright Crew


Finally I succumbed to the lure of trying to create stories out of pictures. (An intensely time consumming method of story-telling.) This introduced a new challenge to my artwork -- not only did I have to show the characters and the settings, but I needed to also convey continuing action, and emotional subtleties. I'm not sure how well I've succeeded, but it has certainly been an interesting challenge.

Cantata in Coral and Ivory


Now I have a yen to do interior illustrations for everything I write. Such a cool 'bonus' to a book, no? But I keep running out of time!

Penzance at Tortuga


Silver in Gold

Sample - 3D-CGI 2008

A sneak peek at some of the art from Chapter Three of Flag in Flames.

Quote from Flag in Flames
'I think you should kill them Daddy. You should kill them all!'
-- Seven-year-old Bonnie Anne Talon
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