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Bambi Wysorickovitz


I can decide that they have a square face and red hair and so forth, but unless I draw them, I don't know what they look like, the various bits and pieces just don't add up to a picture inside my head. I know some writers who go through papers and magazines to find pictures of people that look like their characters. When you are a science fiction and fantasy author, that isn't always going to work very well.

Peluge Wysorickovitz

First all my character portraits were done in pencil on paper. I still occasionally do serious art using those tools. But when I discovered Poser, and the world of three dimentional digital figures, I sort of fell in love with it. I'd always liked sculpting better than drawing.



But rendered or drawn the base goal is always the same. I want to see what my characters look like.

Dachahl Pralahnru


Bonnie Anne Talon

Portrait - 3D-CGI 2006

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